请你们死远一点.. !!!

谢了.. :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Went shoppinq at Soqo with parents :)
Saw many branded thinqs .
Feel like buyinq but mum stoppinq me .
Wuwuwuwuwuwu T___T
Cryinq cryinq cryinq .
Damn tired .
But still enjoy the shoppinq with parents :)

Before qoinq to Soqo , ate at a hawker center >.<
Yummy .
Try lookinq at the chair .
I was sittinq at three chairs .
Muahahahaha :D
Daddy call me to sit cause he say I am short >.<
Isk !
To daddy : I know you're tall , but I'll be taller than you SOON ! xD

I love this dress .
Looks very casual on me >.<
But didn't buy it cause mum was naqqinq .
She say I spent alot this month .
Damn !

Polo baq .
New arrival .
RM168 >.<
Buyinq it next week :)
I lovinq this baq very much

Emphle * If I am not mistaken the spellinq *
Damn nice this baq :)

Carlorino baq :)
Was beqqinq mum to buy it for me , but she insist !
I hate you mum !
I'll buy you honey Carlorino .
Wait for me =]

Look at those people
Ohmyqodddd !
Pack like ...
Lucky it's not hot , if not I am f**kinq it .
Muahahahaha :D

Lady Gaqa .
Saw at M.A.C
She's hot ! xDD

Saturday, April 24, 2010

23-o4-2o1o / 24-o4-2o1o

Just back from pasar malam with Amiiko and Ayookii xD
Eat curry mee .
Waited damn lonq >.<
After eatinq qo find Suzie babe , Black Chicken ( her hubby ) and Ah Nqap ( Duck ) >.<
Talk talk talk !
All also sampat sampat . xD
Then went and buy fishball !
My favorite xD
Amiiko bouqht walfer and don't know what xP
Then walk home .
Was lookinq at her contacts then keep lauqhinq . xD
She qot so many contacts but 95% of it , she don't know who is it =.=
Then talk talk talk .
Happy :D

Biibii qive me the bear .
Im kissinq it .
Woohooooo ~ xD

Went to school on 24 - o4 - 2o1o .
Was a Saturday .
Didn't set my alarm .
Was almost late , but mummy knock my door and woke me up >.<
*Was thinkinq of skippinq school * xD
First four periods was in the Bilik Motivasi listeninq to some peoples talkinq about HIV and AIDS .
That British qirl ( if I'm not mistaken ) was so damn pretty .
Sexy qirl ! xD
Then last three periods was with friends playinq .
Took so many pictures :)
Play play play then came Pn.Pravarty >.<
She came then all keep handphones .
Thouqh she was qoinq to take it , but she didn't .
Make us all worry =.=
Lameeee ~ xD
Then all went back home . xD

The sweetest couple :)
Makinq me jealous when they know I am not with BiiBii T___T
Bad .
Hurt me . xD

Henq Xiu :)

Mushroom :)

Aiko :)

Ah 7 :)

Hunn Gor :)

In mom's car .
Goinq home with Amiiko and Ayookii . xD
All ate lunch at Alison >.<
Yummy ~ xD
Ate Char Kuey Tiow
Then went back home .
Keep playinq in my room xD
Enjoy it .
Haha :D
Then walk to Carrefour with mum and send Ayookii back home .
( Put wronq picture , this should be below the picture with one qanq )

Then pontenq-kers xD

Henq Xiu is qone .
Bodoh ! xD
Loveeeessss =]

Before qoinq to Carrefour with mum , Amiiko and Ayookii . xD
Played with the umbrella >.<
Muahahahaha :D
Then call Amiiko take picture for me .
Looks weird .
Mum said : Hiao po !
Haha :D

Jin Fai cuttinq hair .
Damn lonq .
Almost 1hour >.<
Lawson keep scoldinq him =.=
Daii seii Jin Fai xD

Was still cuttinq .
We waited .
Then Ayookii came with her aunty and brother >.<
Haha :D
Talk aqain .
Then walk home .
Tired .
Talkinq with Amiiko .
Then her mum called .
Ask her qo home .
Brinq her out then sleep .
Haha :D
Enjoy sleepinq very much . xD
Online now :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Apoloqy thru FB by Tan Jun Jie :

She say to me at Facebook chat 1st :)

At my profile :)

At Babe Siew Mai's profile :)

Babe Jinqyi profile :)

Babe Yako's profile :)

Babe Wawa's profile :)

Apoloqy thru FB by Tan Jun Jie :

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Woohoo ~
Many cases happeninq nowadays
April is just a worst month ever ! >.<
Today recess time , malay vs malay .
Whoooo ~
Damn yenq .
She scold people like nobody's business :D
Yenqqqq ~
Then me and Yii 8 qua , stand up the chair .
Then we(many of us) all keep shout shout shout then clap our hand .
Haha :D
Then canteen so dark .
Like cover with black cloth >.<
And hot =.=
Sweat like hell .
After that case , our case ~ xD
We all find the Tan Jun Jie .
Then ask surround her .
So many people .
Was waitinq for her apoloqy but she say until so soft so no one accept it =.=
Then the PENGAWAS came =.=
Call us don't make problem >.<
Also not we want de .
People want to disturb us , what can we do ?
Aiyor ~~~~~ xD
Then people keep scold scold , we just WOOOOOOO only .
Binq banq BOOM , Subra came =.=
Then blahh..blahh..blahh.. *He was scoldinq like ... *
Ah Kanq suddenly shout : FUCK YOU LARH TEACHER !
Wooooo ~
Genq ! Yenq !
We clap our hands . xD
Then can't settle .
That Tan Jun Jie or Tanq Tanqz say I steal her handphone o >.<
Steal her K770i =.=
That phone I also qot larh .
I don't know how take that handphone use arh ?
Why must take your handphone >.<
Beh hiao paiseh ~
Henq dou BOOM !
She make until Chonq Yanq so no face !
Think of Chonq Yanq also heart pain .
He want help us also can't .
Isk !
Poor Chonq Yanq .
Lucky he qot a very understandinq and qood sister :)
Name Menq Li :)
Want her(Tan Jun Jie) to say sorry after school .
But she walk home already >.<
Beh sonq.. ~ =.='''
Siew Maii , Yii , Wawa , Yoki , Yee Jie , and many more also waitinq for her apoloqy >.<

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Hate April !

Today is our 2nd Anniversary !
Happy :D
Glad :D
Loved :D

Will thinq chanqe ?
Everythinq is qoinq upside down !
I've lost everythinq by tellinq the truth !
Im hurt !
FACEBOOK people !
I just chanqe my relationship status to It's complicated and PEOPLE LIKES IT !
Are you quys nuts ?!
Im here in pain and you quys love my fuckinq chanqe of my relationship !
Whats wronq with you quys ?!
Im tired !
Stress out !
Banq on the fuckinq wall and DIE

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home :)

Before qoinq out with Amiiko :)
Woohooo ~
Dressinq up like nobodys business xDD
Binq Banq Bonq !

My zhen zhu nai cha :)
Damn hard to drink >.<
Bodoh !
Drink until I qot mad !
Then throw it away before enterinq dad's car =.=

Akiiyo and Amiiko .
The As' Babeeesssss :)
I love her so muchhhh !!
Mummy keep callinq us not to take photo in the toilet .
What larh ~ !

After shoppinq . xD
Buy buy buy !
Mummy say I spend alot .
NO !
I spend so little only . xDDDD